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EquALLIES draws from a spectrum of research, implementation and experience to provide the reader with thought provoking and evocative pieces to support them on their allyship journey.  

Reach out to have the team support your audience in all things equality, allyship and inclusion. 

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Fact V Feeling

Can We Heal Britain's Anger?

No-one should face abuse; at home, school or workplace.


That GPs, retailers and schools are having to call for civility is beyond all reason.


This article looks at the reasons behind our behavioural choices and invites the reader to lead self and others to Be Better.


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Engage > Educate > Empower

Mantras for Inclusive Leadership


I’ll confess, I’m getting a little sick of the three word mantras.  I’ve come to liken them to vacuous cross-party political promises and safety-critical health advice alike.  They’ve been over-used, over-simplified and under-estimate the intelligence of many to accommodate more.  

But I’m also a realist, relying heavily on my analytical skills to draw conclusions that support facts.  So, somewhat reluctantly, I acknowledge that three word mantras are highly effective at delivering a message.  They are effective at activating people to change.  

All else being equal, what’s required for change?



My Superpower: “Invisa-disability.”

"Language matters and words can be weaponised, they can be our enemy. Normality is subjective and as invisible to the eye as my cloak of invisa-disability."


Privilege on Pages

"Much has been spoken recently about ‘privilege.’ Not just a phrase term rolling beautifully off the tongue in Joanne Lumley’s dulcet tones, but one which Covid and the murder of George Floyd have encouraged many to reflect upon. What privilege do we have, how do we use it and how can it be used to help others? "

Men Teach Primary.jpg

Education, Equality and Allies:

What’s Gender got to do with it?

"Regardless, we have a recruitment crisis in the UK.  Low paid, nurturing professions are in desperate need of professionals.  Teaching and nursing and the obvious ones. So, I wonder why there aren’t male-focused recruitment drives?  They have had an impact in finance, legal and civil service sectors for women.  They may also support any role model issues for children with limited male role models at home."

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