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EquALLIES builds

on the strength of diversity

by empowering individuals

to lead self and others, creating happier people, inclusive organisations and communities.

Our Mission


EquALLIES is a proudly values-based business.

We place the individual at the heart of all we do, and recognise natural human responses, such as fear, denial and guilt act as barriers to inclusion. 

So, let's start as we mean to go on. 

We don't care where you've been.

We care where you are

We care that you want to learn and improve.


These are our goals and the bar which we hold ourselves, and others to account:


1. Embrace difference

2. Include everyone

3. Succeed together

Our Values


  • we apply our breadth and depth of experience to empowering individuals to work together

  • we create valuable, practical and sustainable solutions

  • we flex with you, adapting to support every stage of your unique inclusion journey

Our Approach
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