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Old Problems, New Solutions

Why we need more than Resolution to effect meaningful Change

It’s funny, isn’t it, the need to reflect as we start a new year? I vividly remember the joy of a new exercise book as a child. Eyes wide, tongue sticking out with determined concentration;

“It’s going to be SO neat!  My handwriting is going to be the NEATEST!  EVER!  I’m going to get smiley faces on EVERY page! THIS WILL BE THE BEST BOOK EVER!

Truth being, the book I had just filled wasn’t all bad. It reflected my journey of learning. It was a record of my successes and showed where I could improve. The essentials, like handwriting got neater as I’d simply practiced more. I’d reduced spelling errors as I’d learnt from understanding past mistakes.

As the page turns on 2020, I wonder, are reflection and resolution in adulthood any different?

One quarter of Britons and over half of Americans resolve that at the stroke of midnight on December 31st, they resolve to change their lives. Chocolates scoffed, booze quaffed, and fitness aspirations aloft, we wake January 1st to a brand new start.

The bad habits and behaviours are all sworn to be rejected for wholesome and virtuous practice, but sadly 92% of these good intentions are doomed to fail.

2020: The Difference between Surviving and Thriving

Previous year's resolutions may have allowed many of us a form of luxury, to naval gaze at being richer, healthier, simply better, when this year starts with many simply wanting to survive. Whether facing the very real implications of loss of life through covid, or the financial strains the numerous failed attempts to manage the disease have put on those who aren’t party donors.

So health inequalities draw into focus. The impact of Covid on people of colour and women has come to the fore. The relation to socioeconomic inequality drives home to us that just as weight gain or addiction to smoking, drinking or gambling doesn’t happen over night, neither do systemic failings.

Actually, there’s nothing like pandemic to demonstrate the implications of old systemic and human problems. With telling optimism, last Spring I wrote an article about the opportunities Covid afforded society, highlighting the gender gaps in keyworker roles. Healthcare, education and retail staff all predominantly female.

So it is with bitter reluctance I accept that domestic violence, redundancies and parenting duties have all fallen unfairly at women’s feet.

But ever the optimist, I stick my tongue back behind my teeth. I concentrate. We have a new page, after all. And professionally, I commend the application of hard lessons last year by joining forces with Dr Loreen Chikwira; Gender, Culture and Belonging specialist; and the ever inspirational, knowledgeable (and he won’t mind how you interpret this, I promise!) ‘wise’ Richard O’Neill; award winning author, National Diverse Book Week and Men’s Health Week founder.

By tackling the complexity of conversations that are dividing homes, communities, workplaces and countries, challenging a 'hierachy of inequality', we offer a new solution to diversity and inclusion.

Segregated conversations on the protected characteristics are failing to address the division caused by difference, and they're failing to untap the potential diversity offers. In fact, one could conclude that deepening divisions are frustrating the issue. That's why our unique 'protected characteristics plus' model recognises that protected characteristics can leave some key demographics in your environment feeling excluded, for example, they don't capture intergenerational, socio-economic and educational disadvantage, which frustrates the ability for true progress to be made.

"Don't expect change if you won't make one"

Remember, change is doomed to fail with resolution alone. 98% of those resolving to be better, to be different will fail. We require clear goals, skills and resources to deliver change.

EquALLIES have found good behaviours, policies and systems imbed only with good practice. So with nearly 100 years collective, cross-industry experience of difference, and a programme to engage, educate and empower you, your peers and stakeholders, EquALLIES is ready to work with ALL of you to effect sustained and meaningful change.

The time to equalise with EquALLIES is now - 100% inclusion, 365 days a year.

Reach out to learn more.

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