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Why Boys are Worth Educating

Following the Fawcett Society conference on Saturday, this was an interesting article

It makes me question:

  • Is feminism the real reason we don't ask more about boys "astonishing underperformance"?

  • When every employer needs a productive, talented, diverse workforce, will boys academic underperformance impact your long term recruitment strategy?

  • Have boys - so media aware - learnt that men will earn more, regardless of their academic attainment and disengaged from a system they see as irrelevant to their future? -

  • Is the education system sexist, against the attainment of boys?

  • How is boys attainment tied to social mobility, race, mental health and the financial barriers that face our youngest generation?

  • Could this be the gender issue that aligns mothers, fathers AND employers?

I'm keen to hear your views as I shape my own by working with EYFS - KS2. #Education #Inclusion #Feminism #Productivity #MentalHealth #SocialMobility #Recruit

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