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Why Men Are Worth Celebrating #InternationalMensDay

This International Men’s Day, I’d like to outline why it’s not anti-feminist or against women to celebrate men. I applaud it’s recognition that to achieve Equality, we must understand our differences equally. #HeForShe is not enough. We must be Equal Allies to EquAllies.

We must understand the barriers to Equality for both genders, in order to challenge and change them.

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Why Men Are Worth Celebrating #InternationalMensDay

So, it’s not against women to say that men are;

  • less likely to attain well at school

  • more likely than women to be homeless,

  • more likely to be the victim of violence,

  • more likely to be murdered,

  • more likely to serve prison sentences

  • more likely to die by suicide.

Just as it’s not wrong to say that women are;

  • more likely to be paid less for equal work

  • more likely to be sexually assaulted,

  • more likely to be murdered by their partners

But in these politically divisive times it’s important we ALL recognise what makes us competitively human; our ability to empathise, forgive, collaborate and grow from challenges.

We must become Equal Allies to EquAllies.

How? Women; this International Men’s Day ask;

- What men in my life are worth celebrating?

- What makes them worth celebrating?

- What challenges do they face?

- How can I help them?

Men, this International Men’s Day ask;

- What makes me worth celebrating?

- What challenges do you face?

- How help do you need?

By seeing and treating each other as Equals, we can tackle inequality.

And it starts with you.

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