Consultancy & Training

EquALLIES understands that inequalities present in many forms. 

Some are visible, some are not.


Inequalities are compounded by intersectionality.

Diversity turns into division. 

Conversations can become difficult. Relationships and productivity suffers. 

Inclusive environments require strong leadership and an understanding of how much it impacts your staff, your clients and your bottom line.

EquALLIES provides sensitive and bespoke training suited to your needs.

We have extensive experience in working at all levels in the following areas;

  • Inclusion Audit

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Equality Impact Assessment

  • Learning & Development

  • Deep Listening & Mediation

  • Advocacy & Allyship

  • Managing the Talent Pipeline

  • Why Diversity training fails

EquALLIES has cross-industry experience that demonstrates inclusion is not only possible; 

Inclusion improves outcomes at every level, saving time, money, improving wellbeing and productivity. 

Don't delay. Lead the way. 

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